AWT Technologies - the wastewater treatment specialists
AWT Technologies specializes in advanced wastewater treatment systems which use biological treatment processes to remove pollutants and impurities resulting in a high quality treated effluent. 

With more than 25 years of experience in the wastewater industry, our team of engineers and scientists aim to provide the best possible treatment systems and technical expertise to our clients around the world.

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    • A new wastewater treatment facility for Juice Factory in South America
    • Excellent lagoon aeration and mixing treatment will be provided for this application with BIOWORKS robust and energy efficient OXIWORKS ® aeration system.

    • Wastewater treatment plant upgrade for senior’s community in Orlando, Florida
    • When this ASBR project is completed, this 3,000 population community will benefit from cost savings in power & maintenance. The ASBR will replace an aging extended aeration package plant and take up a much smaller footprint than the old system freeing up some additional real-estate for other use.

    Featured Project

    Egypt Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility

    Location: Egypt
    Type: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility
    Date: Commissioned September 2008

    This ASBR facility is one of the largest SBR facilities in Egypt, supplementing a conventionally designed sewage treatment facility...

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